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Man-Lay Garden: The Miracle on Main Street

Spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce’s new member Richard Morse in 1966, the “La Crosse Beautiful Committee” took on “The Hole at 4th and Main” to beautify the spot.
(written by Anita Doering, Archives staff) German immigrant George Linker and two of his brothers joined forces to purchase lots at 324-328 Main Street, the burned-out ruins of…

200 Pearl Street Returns to Roots as a Hotel

The Holiday Inn Express at 2nd and Pearl was the site of a 19th-century hotel/boarding house before becoming the site of a railroad depot for over 80 years.
(written by Megan, Archives staff) In 1881, the La Crosse city directory listed 200 Pearl Street as the home of Jacob Shook who was also running a 'hotel' at his home called th…