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— Sep 10, 2019

"Billie Button" and the Wisconsin Pearl Button Company

The Wisconsin Pearl Button Company first opened in 1900 and quickly became one of the largest employers in La Crosse, employing nearly 225 people in 1902.

— Aug 26, 2019

Footsteps of La Crosse Fall tours

This September, join Archives staff member Jenny on history tours in four La Crosse neighborhoods: Downtown, Caledonia Street, UW-La Crosse/Goosetown, and the Franciscan Neighborhood.

— Aug 13, 2019

A One-of-a-kind Cave in La Crosse County

“Pictured Cave” was discovered in October of 1878 when an 18-year-old named Frank was raccoon hunting on the family farm.

— Jul 31, 2019

From Mechanic's Grease to Sudsy Brews

The building that now houses the Popcorn Tavern has a history tied to the early automotive industry here in La Crosse.

— Jul 19, 2019

Looking Back at 1969

Even as it was happening, 1969 was recognized as a seminal year in American history and that has only become more true as we’ve gotten farther away from it.

— Jul 6, 2019

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, a historic La Crosse congregation, is planning to close its doors on August 25, 2019.

— Jun 19, 2019

The Heart of Downtown, La Crosse

Explore how one intersection has changed over time: known as the Heart of Downtown, 3rd & Main.

— Jun 3, 2019

Cracking the Chiropractic Controversy

La Crosse made history in 1907 when a local Japanese chiropractor, Dr. Shegetero Morikubo, proved that chiropractics and osteopathy are not the same.

— May 22, 2019

West Salem's Veterans' Memorial Park

Originally called Waterloo Park, Veterans' Memorial Park was one of three original parks set aside by La Crosse County in 1907.

— May 7, 2019

Centennial Garden and the South Side Neighborhood Center

In early 1999, plans for a possible site for the proposed Southside Neighborhood Community Center coalesced on the SW corner of Hood and 6th Streets, with the idea that 3 blighted buildings would be either partially restored or torn down completely to clear the way for a new building. Nearly two years of back-and-forth historic preservation discussion ensued.

— Apr 24, 2019

LPL Archives' Hidden Treasures: Teaser Trailer for Footsteps

Join Jenny as she gives a sneak peak into two different Footsteps tour stops to learn an interesting relationship between two La Crosse neighborhoods.

— Apr 8, 2019

Footsteps Returns!

This May, join Archives staff on four of the revamped Footsteps of La Crosse tours.






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