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The La Crosse Public Library Archives blog includes stories of our local history, updates on the materials in our collections, and information on upcoming events hosted by the Archives department.

— Sep 8, 2017

School Daze

When Logan school at Avon and Sill streets burned, work began on a replacement school at that same location.

— Aug 22, 2017

Footsteps of La Crosse Fall 2017 walking and bus tours

Join the La Crosse Public Library Archives for a series of tours highlighting historic and architecturally significant residences and buildings in La Crosse.

— Jul 26, 2017

Royal Norwegian Visitors

On the screen flickered a sleek Hiawatha train headed straight for the camera.

— Jul 18, 2017

Ghosts of Historic La Crosse Walking Tours

So fun and informative, it's scary!

— Jul 2, 2017

Let's Do Lunch

Where did folks head to eat 50 or 60 or 70 years ago?

— Jun 20, 2017

1860s La Crosse Tea Cakes

To get a glimpse of what would go into preparing a basic snack for visitors in the 1860s, we can look at a La Crosse resident’s handwritten cookbook.

— May 24, 2017

June is Dairy Month!

La Crosse’s Dolly Madison Dairy at Front and Main Streets, in business under that name from 1939-1965, grew from several local and area businesses.

— May 4, 2017

Hillview Health Care property - 100+ years of care

From poor farm to county home to a multi-level senior campus, Hillview has changed with the times and continues with tradition.

— Apr 3, 2017

La Crosse and the Great War

Stories of La Crosse citizens taking up different roles for the war effort during World War I are recorded and expressed in the collections held at the La Crosse Public Library Archives.

— Mar 11, 2017

Jewish Structures in La Crosse

While many structures have been used for Jewish religious purposes in La Crosse over time, it wasn't until 1857 when written evidence of a Jewish religious community began to sprout.

— Feb 24, 2017

La Crosse Movie Palaces

While the Rivoli still operates as a theater in downtown La Crosse, over a dozen movie theaters that could rightfully be called movie palaces have been lost to history.

— Feb 11, 2017

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Up to the beginning of the Depression, La Crosse was home to three major candy manufacturers.