LPL Archives' Hidden Treasures: Using La Crosse History Unbound

Posted by Jenny on August 18, 2020

(written by Jenny DeRocher, Archives staff)

La Crosse History Unbound (Unbound) strives to provide universal access to digital resources and primary sources about the La Crosse area in one comprehensive website. Unbound is meant to make local history easily accessible and attainable for all types of users. Students, genealogists, educators, and historians all will find useful resources on the site.

Unbound was first created in 2003, a collaborative effort between the La Crosse Public Library Archives and the UWL Murphy Library Special Collections and Area Research Center. To update the website for more current needs, a new website was launched in August 2020. 

To get an idea of how to use Unbound as a researcher, watch this instructional video created by the LPL Archives team on using Unbound:


You may visit and explore the website here:

Types of resources you can expect to find on Unbound:

If you have any questions relating to Unbound, please reach out to the La Crosse Public Library Archives at or by calling (608) 789-7136.