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The Oldest Catholic Church in La Crosse

St. Mary's began as a frame building at what would become the NE corner of 7th St. and Cameron Ave. in 1856.
(written by Megan, Archives staff) In the May 17, 1853 edition of the La Crosse Democrat was a notice that a visiting French missionary priest, Rev. Lucian Glatier, would hold …

The Perfect Storm: Armistice Day 1940

Some bad weather days live on in infamy. Such is the case with the Nov. 11, 1940, Armistice Day storm, often referred to as “The Day the Duck Hunters Died.”
(written by Carla Swerman, Archives staff) History does repeat itself!  It is equally true that Mother Nature can be fickle.  Amidst glorious days of sunshine and warmth, she p…

Letters Home from World War I

Earlier this fall, the La Crosse Public Library Archives staff found over 60 pages of letters that Sergeant Roy Vingers sent home to his family during his time in service.
(written by Jenny DeRocher, Archives staff) Sergeant Roy L. Vingers, of Company B of the 128th Regiment Infantry (64th Infantry Brigade), was one of the first WWI casualties fr…