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Pettibone Park

Albert and Cordelia Pettibone privately funded, built, maintained and then gifted La Crosse its first large park.
(written by Samuel Ott, Archives intern) It is nearly impossible to measure the impact that Albert W. Pettibone and his wife Cordelia have had upon the city of La Crosse.  They p…

Reading the River

While the technology for reading the Mississippi River’s water levels has advanced over time, the equipment itself has stood at almost the very same spot for 145 years.
(written by Carla Swerman, Archives staff) “Few things in life stay the same.” How true! Yet, something that has defied change for 145 years is the river gauge at the south end o…

1935 Crash Leads to New Cass Street Bridge

A single car caused a deadly bridge collapse that cut off land traffic between La Crosse and Minnesota in 1935.
(written by David Kranz, Archives Staff) A single car caused the destruction you see in the above photo, an accident that involved the deaths of two people and cut off lan…

1937 - New Pumper Tested at Riverside Park

On what appears to be a beautiful day in July of 1937, several members of the La Crosse Fire Department tested their new pumper truck at Riverside Park.
(written by Scott Brouwer, Archives staff) As I continue to organize, process, and scan a large cache of photographs from the La Crosse Fire Department with the help of other l…