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Frohsinn Singing Society

Through much of the scrutiny and cultural pressure placed on German-Americans in Wisconsin during the First and Second World Wars, the Frohsinn Singing Society, a German-American singing group in La Crosse, met and raised their voices on high.
(written by Hannah L. Weber, Archives intern)   Frohsinn Singing Society, 1907; Nord Stern 50th Anniversary special issue, p. 77 As citizens of La Crosse, Wiscons…

Oldest Norwegian Singing Society in America

The Normanna Sangerkor participated in national singing festivals, known as Sangerfests, as well as serenaded individuals in La Crosse.
(written by Anita Doering, Archives Staff) The La Crosse Normanna Sangerkor was the oldest Norwegian Singing Society in America until they disbanded in about 1954.  Organized o…