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2019 Dark La Crosse Show

The La Crosse Public Library Archives is proud to present a new production of the popular Dark La Crosse Show.
(written by Scott Brouwer, Archives staff)   WHAT:  The Dark La Crosse Show WHERE: Pump House Regional Arts Center, 119 King Street WHEN: November 1-2 & 7-9 at…

The Perfect Storm: Armistice Day 1940

Some bad weather days live on in infamy. Such is the case with the Nov. 11, 1940, Armistice Day storm, often referred to as “The Day the Duck Hunters Died.”
(written by Carla Swerman, Archives staff) History does repeat itself!  It is equally true that Mother Nature can be fickle.  Amidst glorious days of sunshine and warmth, she p…