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La Crosse in the 1918 Pandemic

Just over 100 years ago, returning World War I troops brought the deadly “Spanish Flu” from Europe.
(written by Anita Taylor Doering, Archives staff) “No great ship sank, no armies clashed, no conflagration consumed a community.  The flu spread insidiously by means of ordinar…

How Does COVID-19 Affect You?

In an attempt to capture the current atmosphere in La Crosse during the ongoing public health crisis, the LPLA is asking you to share your stories and add your voice to our historical record.
(written by Jenny DeRocher, Archives staff) The La Crosse Public Library Archives & Local History Department (LPLA) actively collects papers, records, photographs, and materi…

Hillview Health Care property - 100+ years of care

From poor farm to county home to a multi-level senior campus, Hillview has changed with the times and continues with tradition.
(written by Megan, Archives staff) The property now known as Hillview was originally the city poor farm which was begun soon after the city of La Crosse was incorporated in 185…