See Dr. Crocker & Latest Book Oct. 12

Posted by Scott on September 12, 2015

(written by David Kranz, Archives staff)

There are good times ahead for area architecture. Why do I say this? Because interest in historical architecture is on the rise in La Crosse. And you can get an introduction to our local houses and buildings from a new book, La Crosse Buildings Through Time, and enjoy a program by its author Oct. 12.


In recent years, the La Crosse Public Library Archives began hosting programs by retired professor Dr. Les Crocker about the history of La Crosse’s buildings and homes. These programs developed into multi-session offerings about different time periods and building types in town. As we prepared for the Summer 2015 programs, we thought it would be appreciated if we could offer a companion guidebook that people could carry with them when they went to look at buildings.

Dr. Crocker gathered his information, wrote the text, organized the content and helped the LPL Archives acquire images. After a little bit of design and production magic, and important financial assistance from a group of gracious sponsors – voila! – the printed La Crosse Buildings Through Time book became a reality.


The book features more than 110 residences, buildings and other structures of La Crosse, as well as more than 150 photos and illustrations. It is 142 pages, softcover, and includes building dates, locations, and photos for each entry – with expanded historical and architectural commentaries provided for many of them.

La Crosse Buildings Through Time is available from the LPL Archives. We suggest a $20 donation per book. Some have already been sent as far as California as gifts! We can also arrange for autographs by the author.

You can get a taste of Dr. Crocker’s program and see the book on Oct. 12, 9:30 a.m., at Monday Mornings at Main, which is a free series of entertaining and educational programs held seasonally on Monday Mornings at La Crosse Public Library’s 800 Main St. location.


Organizer and host of the Monday Mornings series Patricia Boge says, “Just follow the smell of fresh hazelnut coffee!” You won’t want to miss it.

Interest in architecture of the past bodes well for the future. In addition to strong attendance at Dr. Crocker’s programs and at Footsteps of La Crosse tours provided by LPL Archives, a further sign of great interest in architectural history is the willingness of local firms and individuals to contribute financially toward a book on the topic. The La Crosse Buildings Through Time companion guide would not have been possible without the generous support of the following sponsors: 

Val Schute and River Architects,

Kurt Schroeder and HSR Associates,

Chris La Shorne Architecture,

La Crosse Graphics,