La Crosse Public Library Archives Department


The La Crosse Public Library Archives is full of resources for anyone interested in the history of the La Crosse area, as well as anyone researching their ancestors. Archives staff are available to assist with any questions you may have.





The La Crosse Public Library Archives is a department within the La Crosse Public Library.  The mission of the Archives Department is to develop and promote a vital historical connection within the community between the past, the present and future by collecting, maintaining, and providing and promoting access to the local historical record. The department focuses on two main themes, that of local history and genealogy.



La Crosse's Drug Problem

Break-ins and robberies to support drug habits. Parents chasing after their addicted children trying to get them help. Addicts begging doctors and pharmacists for prescriptions. This is La Crosse’s drug problem … 100 years ago.

From the Vault: Evolution of Fire Fighting Equipment

Old Fire Station #5 at 1220 Denton Street was the last crew in the La Crosse Fire Department that used horses to pull their equipment.

Frohsinn Singing Society

Through much of the scrutiny and cultural pressure placed on German-Americans in Wisconsin during the First and Second World Wars, the Frohsinn Singing Society, a German-American singing group in La Crosse, met and raised their voices on high.