Let's Do Lunch

Posted by Scott on July 2, 2017

(written by Megan, Archives staff)

In thinking about where to grab a bite in La Crosse there is everything from fine dining (The Waterfront) to casual (Pickerman’s) to the ubiquitous (McDonald’s, Culver’s) and everything in between. Where did folks head to eat 50 or 60 or 70 years ago?

Casual, quick restaurants were common and could be open 24 hours a day. A local Woolworth’s “.5 and .10” in La Crosse had a lunch counter serving similar types of meals. They had stores all over the county. There were also local lunch rooms.

Standard Lunch, listed only in the 1924 La Crosse city directory, advertised.



The Star Café, at 108 N Third, was listed from 1930-1953 and offered typical fare.




Lallie’s Place, at 2100 West Avenue South, and not listed in the La Crosse city directory, had an interesting “fill in the blank” type of menu.



 Whatever was on the menu, local restaurants tried to feed their customers without charging a huge price.