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The La Crosse Public Library Archives blog includes stories of our local history, updates on the materials in our collections, and information on upcoming events hosted by the Archives department.

— Jun 15, 2018

Reading the River

While the technology for reading the Mississippi River’s water levels has advanced over time, the equipment itself has stood at almost the very same spot for 145 years.

— Jun 4, 2018

How Old is My House?

If you live in the city of La Crosse, the La Crosse Public Library Archives can probably help answer this question.

— May 21, 2018

Logan High School: What's in a Name?

Why was it called it Logan High School? How do you figure out how a place got its name?

— Apr 19, 2018

Footsteps of La Crosse Spring 2018 walking tours

Join the La Crosse Public Library Archives for a series of tours highlighting historic and architecturally significant residences and buildings in La Crosse.

— Apr 2, 2018

130 Years of Library Service

In celebration of its 130th anniversary, learn how the La Crosse Public Library came to be.

— Mar 17, 2018

First Presbyterian Church

The first Presbyterian service in La Crosse was held in May of 1866 and the First Presbyterian Church formally organized on August 23, 1866.

— Mar 1, 2018

Genealogy on the Internet classes 2018

Join us for two new genealogy classes this month.

— Feb 8, 2018

Mother Nature: Setting Records in La Crosse

Thanks to the detailed documentation by the National Weather Service here in La Crosse, we can easily determine extreme weather records.

— Jan 26, 2018

The Octagonal Mystery

What was it? Who built it? Why was it built? When was it built? Why was this odd building never mentioned La Crosse architecture histories in the last century and a half?

— Jan 9, 2018

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A look back at the stories we told in 2017, and a look ahead at the programs planned for 2018.

— Dec 15, 2017

Emma Cameron - Toast of the Northwest or Femme Fatale?

The first marriage in the young community of Prairie La Crosse occurred in 1846 between Peter and a woman who was called “the toast of the Northwest,” the beautiful Emma (Eastman) Kellogg Van Sickle Cunningham.

— Dec 4, 2017

Homegrown Weather

One of only 122 weather offices throughout the nation, La Crosse’s National Weather Service history has been as ever-changing and unpredictable as Mother Nature.