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— Nov 28, 2023

Architectural Styles and Revivals: The Greek and Roman Revivals

Greek and Roman Revival styles themes are highlighted by the use of classical elements, using old buildings as prototypes to exactly copy or treating various elements from classical buildings as independent items and arranging them to suit contemporary taste.

— Nov 21, 2023

Architectural Styles and Revivals

This is the first of a series of blogs on the major architectural styles used in La Crosse during the nineteenth century.

— Nov 7, 2023

John Gund's Empire

In 1853, La Crosse had yet to become incorporated and did not yet have a brewery. John Gund likely saw the opportunity to support his family and use his work experience to his advantage.

— Oct 27, 2023

The Oldest Extant House in La Crosse

While it's hard to nail down completely, read about the contenders for oldest surviving house in La Crosse.

— Oct 24, 2023

Neighbors Making History: Simon Markle - The King of Corn

Simon Markle, a farmer in the town of Shelby, made news for his prize-winning corn in the early 1900s. His efforts to educate farmers on scientific farming methods also contributed to the advancement of agriculture in La Crosse County.

— Sep 25, 2023

The Candy Kid: La Crosse's Own Ed Konetchy

La Crosse native Edward Konetchy was best known in major league baseball by his moniker as "Koney."

— Aug 28, 2023

History of the American Legion Roy L. Vingers Post 52

La Crosse's American Legion Post 52 was formed in 1919, just nine months after the Armistice of 1918. Originally named after Major Frank L. Shuman, it would later be named for Sergeant Roy L. Vingers.

— Aug 15, 2023

The Tillman Bros.: Cabinet Makers, Undertakers, and... Weathermen?

In its 130 years of existence, the five-story building at 116 4th St S has only had two owners: Leithold Music, and the Tillman Bros. Furniture Store. Founded by William and Friedrich Tillman in 1859, the Tillman Bros company served La Crosse for over a century; making cabinets, operating a mortuary, and reporting weather conditions.

— Aug 3, 2023

The La Crosse Housing Authority, 1946-1985

When it formed in 1946, the La Crosse Housing Authority was faced with massive housing shortages. Over the course of the next 40 years, the Authority managed to build 12 public housing developments to help address housing insecurity in La Crosse.

— Jul 16, 2023

Surf's Up! The Beach Boys in La Crosse

The Avalon Ballroom served as the first La Crosse venue for the fledgling Beach Boys band in 1963.

— Jun 20, 2023

Neighbors Making History: Lorraine DeWood, aka "La Tirana"

Lorraine DeWood, 1940s singer-entertainer who gained notoriety for her connection to a love-triangle murder in Cuba, was born into La Crosse’s Syrian-American community in 1920.

— Jun 6, 2023

La Crosse YMCA: The First 140 Years

Celebrate the 140th anniversary of the La Crosse chapter of the YMCA with a look back at their history from the collections of the La Crosse Public Library Archives.






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