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The La Crosse Public Library Archives blog includes stories of our local history, updates on the materials in our collections, and information on upcoming events hosted by the Archives department.

— Oct 13, 2020

The Cannon in Riverside Park

Today, the cannon serves as a multi-war memorial, but where did it come from and why is it in Riverside Park?

— Sep 29, 2020

Sawmills, Nails and Immigrants

In 1852 the first steam powered sawmill opened in La Crosse. To understand why that was so important to La Crosse we need to connect it to several other facts.

— Sep 15, 2020

Explore the Layered History of La Crosse

This September, LPLA is launching a History Club. Functioning similar to a book club, each month the club facilitators will announce two small activities that will explore our city's layered history.

— Sep 1, 2020

The Green Bay & Western Railroad Legacy

Behind the scenes deals were already in place between the Green Bay railroad and the Chicago and Northwestern, arch rival of the CM&StP, to form a partnership as a way for both lines to get into La Crosse and cross over the existing railroad tracks.

— Aug 18, 2020

LPL Archives' Hidden Treasures: Using La Crosse History Unbound

In collaboration with the UWL Murphy Library Special Collections & Area Research Center, the La Crosse Public Library Archives has launched an upgraded version of the La Crosse History Unbound site, which has new resources and features to help researchers.

— Aug 4, 2020

Presidential Visits: William Howard Taft in 1909

President William Howard Taft’s visit on September 17, 1909 had a local connection and a specific purpose – his Yale classmate and La Crosse civic leader George W. Burton invited him here to dedicate the city’s new YMCA building at Seventh and Main Streets.

— Jul 21, 2020

Concrete Block Houses

A look at a local DIY building boom, or at least a "boomlet", using home-made concrete blocks.

— Jul 9, 2020

Unconditional Gifts of Time, Talents & Treasures

Since its beginning in 1980, the La Crosse Public Library Archives (LPLA) has relied on the generous donation of time, talents and treasures from the public and other cultural resource institutions to become the local history resource that it is today.

— Jun 22, 2020

Relics of the Old Post Office

Near the entrance of the La Crosse Post Office, there is a series of terra cotta tiles on display. With no context or informative panel nearby, they seem to be mysterious relics of the past. These artifacts are among the only remaining materials left of the Old Post Office.

— May 26, 2020

Presidential Visits: Theodore Roosevelt in 1903

In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt embarked on a 9-week trip of 25 western states, during which he made a stop in La Crosse to give a speech on Saturday, April 4.

— May 11, 2020

Tracking Down Tribune Articles -- Virtually

If you've ever wanted to find a La Crosse Tribune article, you may find what you are looking for in a unique database created by the Archives Department at the La Crosse Public Library.

— May 1, 2020

La Crosse in the 1918 Pandemic

Just over 100 years ago, returning World War I troops brought the deadly “Spanish Flu” from Europe.






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