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— May 27, 2022

Neighbors Making History: Mary Eckel Ruplin - La Crosse's First Born?

Mary Eckel Ruplin’s story, and the story of the actual (we think) first child born in La Crosse, is a complicated tale involving two pioneer families in La Crosse history.

— May 11, 2022

Historic Mueller Buildings Destroyed by Fire

Our community is grieving the loss of two historic buildings in downtown La Crosse from a devastating fire last month

— Apr 18, 2022

History Tours this May

May is Historic Preservation Month. Find out how to celebrate this May with history tours that explore four different neighborhoods in La Crosse.

— Apr 5, 2022

La Crosse Pioneers: W. A. Roosevelt Family

William A. Roosevelt was an early La Crosse steamboat engineer who established a plumbing business and warehouse, serving the needs of steamboat trade plying the waters of the Mississippi River

— Mar 22, 2022

Neighbors Making History: Stanislaus Mateske

The October 21, 1945, edition of the La Crosse Tribune marked the passing of a La Crosse man and entrepreneur who had overcome both his immigrant roots and great personal hardship on his way to becoming a successful businessman.

— Mar 8, 2022

S**t Happens

To what lengths did early La Crosse residents go to account for their transportation animals'... uh... waste?

— Feb 23, 2022

La Crosse Center: The First 40 Years

With the opening of the $42 million addition to the La Crosse Center in December, it seems a fitting time to take a look back at the La Crosse Center’s first 40+ years.

— Feb 8, 2022

The Spite Fence

Pettiness is part of human nature. And sometimes pettiness takes the form of an object or structure that lasts through time. Other times, those structures are destroyed in the night by teenagers looking for justice, and the only place we can find evidence that they once existed is in primary sources.

— Jan 19, 2022

Behold the Barns of La Crosse County

Most of the barns that you see today in La Crosse County date from the late nineteenth- to mid-twentieth-century.

— Jan 10, 2022

Neighbors Making History: Doris Deane

In the 1920s and 1930s, a young woman, born in La Crosse and an actress in Hollywood, was regularly the object of national attention.

— Dec 7, 2021

Looking Back (2021)

A look back at the local history stories shared by the La Crosse Public Library Archives in 2021.

— Dec 6, 2021

Sundown Towns and La Crosse

Have you wondered about La Crosse’s 2016 sundown town designation? This blog guides you through the primary sources that provide evidence for local anti-Black discrimination, and the original research that led to the proclamation that La Crosse is a sundown town.






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