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The La Crosse Public Library Archives blog includes stories of our local history, updates on the materials in our collections, and information on upcoming events hosted by the Archives department.

— Feb 4, 2020

Presidential Visits: Grover Cleveland in 1887

In the fall of 1887, President Grover Cleveland became the first sitting U.S. President to visit La Crosse.

— Jan 20, 2020

Winter Rec-Fest

The first Winter Rec-Fest was held in February 1987.

— Jan 3, 2020

Keep Your Family Healthy... with Beer

After passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, local breweries began to advertise around the healthiness or “purity” of their products.

— Dec 16, 2019

Looking Back (2019)

A look back at the stories we told in 2019.

— Dec 2, 2019

'Tis the 25th Season for Rotary Lights

This 2019 holiday season marks the 25th year of the Rotary Lights display in La Crosse's Riverside Park.

— Nov 19, 2019

Man-Lay Garden: The Miracle on Main Street

Spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce’s new member Richard Morse in 1966, the “La Crosse Beautiful Committee” took on “The Hole at 4th and Main” to beautify the spot.

— Nov 6, 2019

200 Pearl Street Returns to Roots as a Hotel

The Holiday Inn Express at 2nd and Pearl was the site of a 19th-century hotel/boarding house before becoming the site of a railroad depot for over 80 years.

— Oct 23, 2019

2019 Dark La Crosse Show

The La Crosse Public Library Archives is proud to present a new production of the popular Dark La Crosse Show.

— Oct 7, 2019

Pettibone Park

Albert and Cordelia Pettibone privately funded, built, maintained and then gifted La Crosse its first large park.

— Sep 24, 2019

Voices of La Crosse: History Tours

On October 12, join two La Crosse Public Library Archives interns on tours exploring themes in La Crosse history.

— Sep 10, 2019

"Billie Button" and the Wisconsin Pearl Button Company

The Wisconsin Pearl Button Company first opened in 1900 and quickly became one of the largest employers in La Crosse, employing nearly 225 people in 1902.

— Aug 26, 2019

Footsteps of La Crosse Fall tours

This September, join Archives staff member Jenny on history tours in four La Crosse neighborhoods: Downtown, Caledonia Street, UW-La Crosse/Goosetown, and the Franciscan Neighborhood.






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