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Presidential Visits: Theodore Roosevelt in 1903

In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt embarked on a 9-week trip of 25 western states, during which he made a stop in La Crosse to give a speech on Saturday, April 4.
(written by Scott Brouwer, Archives staff) In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt embarked on a now-unthinkable trip: 14,000+ miles across 25 states by train, taking more than 9…

Tracking Down Tribune Articles -- Virtually

If you've ever wanted to find a La Crosse Tribune article, you may find what you are looking for in a unique database created by the Archives Department at the La Crosse Public Library.
(written by Carla Swerman, Archives staff) Have you ever wanted to re-read a sports or crime-related article that you saw in the La Crosse Tribune years ago?  Have you ever had…

La Crosse in the 1918 Pandemic

Just over 100 years ago, returning World War I troops brought the deadly “Spanish Flu” from Europe.
(written by Anita Taylor Doering, Archives staff) “No great ship sank, no armies clashed, no conflagration consumed a community.  The flu spread insidiously by means of ordinar…