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Frohsinn Singing Society

Through much of the scrutiny and cultural pressure placed on German-Americans in Wisconsin during the First and Second World Wars, the Frohsinn Singing Society, a German-American singing group in La Crosse, met and raised their voices on high.
(written by Hannah L. Weber, Archives intern)   Frohsinn Singing Society, 1907; Nord Stern 50th Anniversary special issue, p. 77 As citizens of La Crosse, Wiscons…

Syrians in La Crosse

In the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth, around 100,000 immigrants from the Ottoman province of Syria (what is now Syria, Lebanon and part of Jordan) came to the United States seeking economic opportunity or fle…
(written by Barry McKnight, Archives staff) With debate about Syrian refugees currently in the news, the Archives department recalls a prior period where Syrian refugees came t…