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Presidential Visits: William Howard Taft in 1909

President William Howard Taft’s visit on September 17, 1909 had a local connection and a specific purpose – his Yale classmate and La Crosse civic leader George W. Burton invited him here to dedicate the city’s new YMCA building at Seventh and Main Street…
(written by Scott Brouwer, Archives staff) Unlike President Cleveland’s visit in 1887 and President Roosevelt’s visit in 1903, President William Howard Taft’s visit on Septembe…

Stoddard Hotel was a Show Place

Built in the Elizabethan-Corinthian style, The Stoddard was then the only fireproof hotel in the state when it opened in 1904.
(Anita Taylor Doering, Archives Staff, and Carole Mullen, Archives Volunteer) Many “old timers” remember the Stoddard Hotel.  It was built to be THE premier hotel in La Crosse …