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Growing Community Needed Hogan School

In 1899, East Avenue was the eastern edge for a portion of the city’s development. With the spread of residential development and an increasing population came a need for a new school.
(written by David Kranz, Archives Staff) From its roots along the shore of the Mississippi River, the city of La Crosse expanded westward toward the bluffs, filling in the broa…

The One and Only Sunrise Drive Arts Festival

The Sunrise Drive Arts Festival was an art show and competition for kids that took place in La Crosse on August 16, 1962.
(written by Bill Petersen, Archives staff) The Sunrise Drive Arts Festival sounds like it might have been some major art show in California of Florida. It was actually an art s…

Model Airplane Contest!

Win a prize?
(written by Cate Putirskis, Archives Staff) Found in the La Crosse Tribune, March 30, 1943: Did any of you enter the contest?  How'd you do?  Let us know! (Girls…