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Vinyl Preservation (Like a Record)

Within the past 10 years, vinyl record sales have seen a resurgence. Here are some guidelines on best practices for preserving your vinyl collection.
(Written by Hannah Weber, Archives staff) While digital downloads and music streaming services continue to dominate as the most popular ways in which music is purchased and con…

How Old Is...?

Ever see an older building and wonder about its history?
(written by Megan, Archives staff) Ever see an older building and wonder about its history? 127-129 N. 3rd Street Ever wonder how old your house is? 1616 Sta…

Genealogy on the Internet classes

Join us for upcoming classes offering an introduction to finding genealogy information online.
(written by Megan, Archives staff) Do you want to learn better searching of genealogy resources online? In cooperation with Reference, Archives staff will be presenting a tw…

Connecting to Film Director Joseph Losey

The original Joseph Losey, after whom the street in La Crosse is named, was not the only Losey family member to make a mark; his grandson was a major film director in the mid-20th century.
(written by David Kranz, Archives staff) People in La Crosse recognize the name Losey – if only because it’s the name of one of our major streets. You can visit the LPL Archive…

1935 Crash Leads to New Cass Street Bridge

A single car caused a deadly bridge collapse that cut off land traffic between La Crosse and Minnesota in 1935.
(written by David Kranz, Archives Staff) A single car caused the destruction you see in the above photo, an accident that involved the deaths of two people and cut off lan…

In Hot Pursuit of the Truth

Discover the truth behind the photograph of President Theodore Roosevelt speaking to a La Crosse crowd in 1903.
(written by Anita Doering, Archives Staff, and Doug Connell, Archives Volunteer) On a routine basis, the La Crosse Public Library Archives receives gifts from benefactors who p…

Find Your Place 100+ Years Ago with Sanborn Maps Online

One of the best tools researchers have to help understand city development are maps made by insurance companies in the late 1800s through the mid-1900s.
(written by David Kranz, Archives staff) Sometimes it can be hard to imagine just what a building, street, or neighborhood looked like a century ago. Historic photos are great,…

BadgerLink - an Online Wisconsin Resource

What in the world is BadgerLink and why should I care?
(written by Megan of the Archives Staff) What in the world is BadgerLink and why should I care? BadgerLink is a collection of various databases (many …

Expanding the Boundaries of Your Research

The La Crosse Public Library Archives is a great place to conduct research on topics or people with a connection to La Crosse--but what about topics that go beyond the city limits?
(written by Cate Putirskis, Archives Staff) You've come to the La Crosse Public Library Archives to do some research--maybe on an ancestor, a business that's piqued your…