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The Tillman Bros.: Cabinet Makers, Undertakers, and... Weathermen?

In its 130 years of existence, the five-story building at 116 4th St S has only had two owners: Leithold Music, and the Tillman Bros. Furniture Store. Founded by William and Friedrich Tillman in 1859, the Tillman Bros company served La Crosse for over a c…
(written by Meghan Hoefling, archives staff) The building occupying 116 4th Street S in La Crosse has been known as Leithold Music for over 60 years.  In its 130 years of exist…

Lucky Lindy's Legacy

Charles Lindbergh Shannon or “Lindy” was known to La Crosse teenagers of the late 1950s and 1960s as the “man behind the music.”
(written by Anita Taylor Doering, Archives Staff) Lindy Shannon at the controls at WKBH radio. Photo courtesy of Peter Hansen.   Charles Lindbergh Shannon or “Lindy” wa…