Central High School Mascot


Central High School's longtime athletic teams logo and mascot - the Red Raiders - began being questioned as cultural appropriation in the late 1980s.  Various levels of discussion and consideration of change happened into the early 1990s.  In 1993, a firm decision to change the logo but to keep the name held until 2021, when the name was changed to RiverHawks.  



Title of Article

1937   1937 Central Booster - noted first use of 'Red Raiders'
6 Sept 1989 B1 Parent Asks Central to Drop Red Raiders
16 Sept 1989 A5 Central Students Back Red Raiders Nickname
19 Sept 1989 A1-A8 Change Central Nickname, Panel Says
20 Sept 1989 A1-A8 Students Oppose Nickname Change
21 Sept 1989 A6 EDITORIAL - Nickname Change: A Sensitivity Lesson
24 Sept 1989 A1-A8 Raiders Ruckus: Skewes Wants to Create Awareness, Not Conflict
26 Sept 1989 A1-A8 Central's Name Had Non-Indian Inspiration
27 Sept 1989 C7 Lawmaker Backs Central Name
4 Oct 1989 A12 Don't Jettison Raiders, 'Peacemaker' Advises
8 Oct 1989 B5 Central Nickname the Subject of Committee Meeting Monday
10 Oct 1989 A1-A8 Name-change Backers Charge 'Copout'
10 Oct 1989 A1-A8 School Panel Urges Keeping 'Red Raider' Name, Symbol
18 Oct 1989 B1 'Red Raiders' Staying
15 Oct 1992 B1 A Look at Use of Red Raider Revived After Doyle's Remarks
10 Nov 1992 A1 State Committee Presses Schools for Alternative to Indian Mascots
12 Nov 1992 A4 EDITORIAL - Dump Central's Offensive Name
18 Nov 1992 A1 Central's Red Raiders: Symbol or Racial Slur
8 Dec 1992 A7 Raider Opposition Sounds Off
12 Jan 1993 A6 Central High: Same Name, New Logo
23 Feb 1993 A1 Panel: Logo Goes, Red Raider Stays
24 Feb 1993 A4 EDITORIAL - Red Faces Come in Many Forms
16 Mar 1993 A1 Board Wants Winnebagos' Input on Logo
25 May 1993 D3 Central's Nickname Debates Again
8 Jun 1993 A6 Central Indian Logo is History
9 June 1993 A4 EDITORIAL - Can They See Red Without Indians
4 Aug 1993 A1 Out with the Old
21 Aug 2019 A5-A6 Board: Ban Native American Mascots
10 Nov 2020 A1-A2 Team Name, Mascot Retires
17 Feb 2021 A1-A5 Central Picks New Mascot