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Guide to the La Crosse, Wisconsin, Office of the City Clerk, Contracts and Agreements of the City of La Crosse, 1875-1967 La Crosse Series 033

Guide to the La Crosse, Wisconsin, Office of the City Clerk, Contracts and Agreements of the City of La Crosse, 1875-1967

La Crosse Series 033

Summary Information

Copies of contracts and agreements made between the Common Council of the City of La Crosse and others, including leases, contracts, and agreements, for city property and/or work to be done on city property. Older contracts and agreements (1875-1898) were copied into bound books by the City Clerk. The loose documents (1928-1967) generally contain original signatures. Arrangement is in chronological order, although an index to the 1928-1967 agreements is given at the end of this inventory.
Collection Title
La Crosse, Wisconsin, Office of the City Clerk, Contracts and Agreements of the City of La Crosse
Date of Materials
La Crosse (Wis.). Office of the City Clerk.
Call Number
La Crosse Series 033
1.8 cubic feet
Physical Description
3 volumes, 2 archives boxes
Language of Materials
La Crosse Public Library Archives

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], La Crosse, Wisconsin, Office of the City Clerk, Contracts and Agreements of the City of La Crosse, La Crosse Series 033, La Crosse Public Library Archives, La Crosse, WI

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Scope and Contents

The contracts and agreements in this series do not include titles to city land or property. Generally they contain leases and operational contracts and agreements. Other contracts and agreements may be found in the City Clerk’s office or the City Attorney’s office both located in City Hall.

These materials are arranged in chronological order, and were housed in the City Clerk’s area in the basement. The older contacts were copied into bound volumes (1875-1898) by the City Clerk, and include contracts and agreements made with railroads, the railroad commission, individuals, businesses and industries, etc. At this time, there is no indexing available to this set of contracts and agreements. The information in these is hand written.

The loose documents (1928-1967) include more leases and operational agreements such as concession agreements, audit agreements, Memorial Field grandstand assessment contracts, and the like. These documents have been indexed individually, and a list is contained at the end of the container list in this inventory for quicker access. The information in the loose documents is type written.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

La Crosse Public Library Archives 1999 January

800 Main St.
La Crosse, Wisconsin, 54601
(608) 789-7136

Access to Materials

Materials in this collection are available for patron use.

Acquisitions Information

(Accession nos. 1996.004, 1998.003) Resolutions were located in the City Clerk’s basement area of City Hall; came to the Archives as part of the Mayor’s Special Committee on Historic Records, Dec. 1996, and April 1998

Processing Information

Processed by Jaime Dechant with assistance from Anita Taylor Doering, Jan. 1999

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • La Crosse (Wis.). Common Council.


  • Municipal government--Wisconsin--La Crosse
  • Public contracts--Wisconsin--La Crosse
  • Public records--Wisconsin--La Crosse

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Collection Inventory


Bound volumes, 1875-1898 



Box Folder


1 1

La Crosse and South Eastern Transportation Company Lease, 1928 April 20 

Northland-Greyhound Lines, Inc. Agreement, 1930 March 27 

Auditorium manager-employment contract, 1935 May 25 

Nelson & Fuchs Agreement (swimming pool and bath house near Emerson School), 1937 April 9 

La Crosse Athletic Club lease, 1938 March 21 

Junior Association of Commerce Lease, 1938 May 6 

Security Holding Company leases, 1938 June 

Boyum, Schubert & Sorensen agreements (Longfellow Jr. High; Emerson Elementary schools), 1938 

Nelson & Fuchs agreement (Logan Jr./Sr. High School), 1938 October 29 

La Crosse Piling Company lease, 1938 October 31 

Bollrud, Esther: Offering an option to purchase Lot 22, Block 13 of the Northern Addition, 1938 November 23 

Boyum, Schubert & Sorenson agreement (Roosevelt Elementary), 1938 December 1 

Contract for operating Mississippi River Bridge during 1939, 1939 April 10 

Linden Electric Company contract, 1940 March 21 

United States Engineer Office regarding disposal areas, 1940 April 29 

Licenses to use premises for spoils areas: Phillips, George D. and Martha; Buchner, Mr. & Mrs. William J.; Galinski, August; Higbee and Scott, 1940 May 7 

Matson, J. Mandor Architectural agreement (Fire Station #4), 1940 June 25 

Onalaska sewage disposal contract, 1940 October 29 


1 2

Lease of quarters in Exchange Building for employment office, 1941 January 21 

Wisconsin State Employment Service, 1941 May 20 

Cornell (Edward and Alice J.) to Schams (John and Lena) assignment of lease, 1941 July 27 

Newton and Hoit Furniture Company contract, 1942 February 24 

La Crosse Car Company, 20 June 1942 

Gesell, Charles B. building 326 Jay St. lease, 1943 November 30 

407 Jay St. notice of renewal and release, 1949 December 13 


1 3

Niebuhr Plumbing Company contract, 1944 May 18 

Bracken (Clark), Inc. electrical contractor contract, 1944 May 18 

Hamilton Manufacturing Company contract, 1944 May 18 

Schwalbe (F. R.) & Son contract, 1944 May 18 

Employment Office lease, 1945 March 21 

326 Jay St. notice of cancellation of lease, 1945 September 28 

Weisse (Curtis C.) Tri State Printing Company contract and bond, 1945 October 9 


1 4

American La France Foamite Corporation contract, 1946 March-May 

Skyways Incorporated lease, 1946 June 13 

Normal School lease (Board of Regents), 1946 July 17 

American La France Foamite Corporation contract, 1946 August 25 

Weekly report of construction progress/Veterans Housing, 1946-1947 

Notice to proceed with temporary housing for veterans, 1946 September 11 

Reply to notice to proceed (Supplement "A"), 1946 September 16 

Modern cleanup service contract, 1946 September 18 

Reply to notice to proceed (Supplement "B"), 1946 October 10 

Reply to notice to proceed (Supplements "B" and "C"), 1946 October 10 

Reply to notice to proceed (Supplement "D"), 1946 October 21 

Muth, Frank lease for certain buildings on airport property, 1946 October 30 


2 1

City Treasurer's Office check number 4370, 1947 June 16 

Tri-State Erection Company and Aviation Board contract, 1947 June 27 

Proposal of Mi-Co parking meters, 1947 July 30 

Mi-Co Meter Company contract, 1947 October 19 

Joivette (George) and Sons contract, 1949 September 23 

Meyer, Frank and Partners contract, 1949 September 27 

Holak, Sylvester contract (garbage), 1949 September 29 


2 2

Modern Cleanup garbage contract, 1950 September 14 

Holak (Sylvester) rubbish contract, 1950 October 20 

Onalaska sewage disposal contract, 1952 October 6 

Onalaska sewage disposal contract plant, 1952 October 9 

Park-Ad of Wisconsin, Inc. contract, 1952 December 15 

Exclusive boat landing license agreement, 1953 August 17 

Garbage farm inspection, 1954 January 8 

Garbage disposal payments for 1954, 1954 January 14 

Garbage and refuse collection contract volume, 1954 May 13 

Aviation Board and Fanta-Reed, Inc. resolution approving concession contract, 1954 October 14 

Givens, Joe L. employment contract as auditorium manager, 1955 

Northland Greyhound notice of termination of lease, 1955 July 22 

Modern Clean-Up service garbage and refuse bond, 1955 October 17 

Town of Shelby fire protection agreement, 1955 November 1 

Schubert, Sorensen and Associates, Inc. contract for city-county building, 1955 November 26 


2 3

South Pettibone Island resolution regarding refuse collection, 1956 January 12 

Clemens, E. W. Professional Services in connection with NSP company rate case contract, 1956 June 6 

Remington Electric service agreement, 1956 February 20 

Marbee, Walter auditorium manager employment contract, 1956 March 2 

National Cash Register Comany maintenance agreement, 1956 March 19 

La Crosse Dock Company agreement, 1957 June 3 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company service agreement, 1957 July 25 

La Crosse Housing Authority George and St. James streets contract, 1958 May 8 

Cloutier, Merlin concessions at beaches contract, 1958 May 9 

Terminix insured service contract for termites at Fire Station No. 4, 1958 June 3 

Walsh, James driving range lease, 1959 May 19 

Modern Clean-Up Service, Inc. garbage contract, 1959 August 13 

Benesch, Alfred overhead on Lang Drive and George Street agreement, 1959 August 26 

Walsh, James A. driving range contract, 1959 September 21 

610 Pine Street lease, 1959 November 24 

Underwood service agreement, 1960 March 24 

610 Pine Street cancellation of lease, 1960 May 16 

Cold Spring Granite Company for rock removal on Grandad Bluff contract, 1960 August 15 

Gage and Martinson parking ramp consultants agreement, 1960 November 2 

Walsh, James lease, 1960 November 22 

Notice to terminate agreement on basement storage space for Police Department, 1960 November 30 


2 5

Grant, Alexander and Company audit, 1964 February 25 

Lamke, James concessions in parks and beaches contract, 1964 March 1 

Campbell Utility District No. 1 for sewage disposal agreement, 1964 March 12 

Freier, John tillable land in airport lease, 1964 March 28 

Engineering agreement regarding south side swimming pool, 1964 June 2 

Hawkins, Ash, Baptie and Company relative to 1965 audit agreement, 1965 February 11 

Burke, Ralph H. Inc. relative to north side swimming pool agreement, 1965 February 22 

Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. acoustical survey of the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, 1965 February 23 

Symick, Clement for landfill and refuse disposal during flood, 1965 April 16 

Burroughs Corporation service agreement for Protectograph, 1965 April 19 

Walsh, James golf driving range, 1965 April 23 

Walsh, James golf driving range tenancy termination, 1965 July 9 

Lamke, James concession contract at the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, 1965 August 28 

SCM Calculator maintenance agreement, 1966 November 11 

Viner, Harry agreement to demolish building and shed to rear of 1441 Caledonia Street, 1967 February 1 

Grant, Alexander and Company agreement, 1967 February 9 

Bolt, Beranek & Newman, Inc. agreement for Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, 1967 March 9 

Remington-Rand service agreement, 1967 March 30 

IBM agreement, 1967 April 25 

Grant, Alexander and Company audit for 1967, 1967 December 14 


2 4

Ashland, O. A. for lease of garage at 518-520 State Street, 1961 February 10 

Remington Typewriter service agreement, 1961 February 20 

Premises at 5th Avenue and State Street lease, 1961 March 28 

Todd Garage at 516-518 State Street lease termination, 1961 March 28 

Parking utility agreement with Ira Haupt Company regarding revenue bond financing, 1961 March 29 

Walsh, James public liability, 1961 April 8 

Terminix service contract at Police Station No. 2, 1961 July 12 

Walsh, James driving range lease, 1961 October 20 

La Crosse Vocation and Adult Schools 6th and Vine Street cancellation of lease, 1961 November 29 

Fuchs, Frank architect agreement for Sawyer Auditorium, 1961 December 20 

Parking utility lease at the Stoddard Hotel (termination), 1962 January 5 

Remington Typewriters contract, 1962 April 3 

Modern Clean-Up Service, Inc. garbage and refuse collection contract extension, 1962 May 10 

Tri-State Wiemaraner Club certificate of insurance, 1962 May 29 

Walsh, James golf driving range lease, 1962 October 11 

Jacus and Amble rehabilitation study of Memorial Field grandstand contract, 1962 November 7 

Big Indian Boat Lines lease, 1963 

Jacus and Amble Rehabilitation Memorial Field grandstand contract, 1963 February 14 

Grant, Alexander and Company agreement to audit books, 1963 February 25 

Davy Engineering Company agreement for swimming pool (Erickson Field), 1963 March 31 

National Cash Register Company maintenance agreement for Compu-Tronic, 1963 July 12 

Tri-State Weimeraner Club policy cancellation, 1963 September 19 

Davy Engineering Company, Inc. contract for well number 19H, 1963 October 10 

Walsh, James golf driving range lease, 1963 December 12