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Sawmills, Nails and Immigrants

In 1852 the first steam powered sawmill opened in La Crosse. To understand why that was so important to La Crosse we need to connect it to several other facts.
(written by Dr. Les Crocker, retired art history professor and architectural historian) In 1852 the first steam-powered sawmill opened in La Crosse. That's one of those fact…

Explore the Layered History of La Crosse

This September, LPLA is launching a History Club. Functioning similar to a book club, each month the club facilitators will announce two small activities that will explore our city's layered history.
(written by Jenny DeRocher, Archives Staff) The La Crosse Public Library Archives has launched a new program series: a History Club! Functioning like a book club, the Histo…

The Green Bay & Western Railroad Legacy

Behind the scenes deals were already in place between the Green Bay railroad and the Chicago and Northwestern, arch rival of the CM&StP, to form a partnership as a way for both lines to get into La Crosse and cross over the existing railroad tracks.
(written by Anita Taylor Doering, Archives staff) As early as 1873, La Crosse city officials approached the Green Bay line, then known as the Green Bay and Lake Pepin Railroad,…