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La Crosse's Snow Bowl, or "The Alps of the Mississippi"

In 1930, La Crosse opened its first official ski hill—the Snow Bowl, which would become one of the most respected ski hills in the Midwest. La Crosse hosted skiers far and wide so they could try out the “Alps of the Mississippi.”
(research for this blog was completed by Carla Swerman, former Archives staff, and Jenny DeRocher, Archives staff; written by Jenny DeRocher) In the 1930s, as the Great Depress…

Stinkytown and the Flies

Wire screen, while an easily overlooked modern convenience now, was an incredible innovation in the late 1800s that dramatically improved the quality of life of La Crosse citizens.
(written by Dr. Les Crocker and Anita Taylor Doering, Archives staff) Movies and TV productions set in the past always present a sanitized version of how life really was.  With…